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How HOLLY’S MILK is Made


How do you get fresh milk from Holstein-Sahiwal cows? How do you know you are drinking premium, all-natural farm fresh milk?  Watch this video. . .

Some more interesting facts:

*The more grass a cow eats, the creamier the milk! So it is best for cows to graze.

* The milk processing facility is state-of-the-art and comes from Israel.

*The cows also produce the cream used by Carmen’s Best Ice Cream.

*The pure Cocoa used for the Chocolate Milk comes from Malaysia and Dumaguete.

*The calves are put inside electric wire fences to train them not to escape. They have had in the past and ruined the neighbor’s rice fields.

*They used to play classical music but the farmhands requested for more contemporary music that will not put them to sleep. The cows  and milkmaids really love One Direction music, but I was promised by Doc Jake that no Lady Gaga music will be played there ever, because it might stress the cows!


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