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Little Pipu: How Much You Will Save on REUSABLE DIAPERS



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TRIVIA: Did you know that it takes 250 to 500 years for a disposable diaper to break down in a landfill?

Cloth Diapering is now easy and convenient with Little Pipu Reusable Diapers.  Our  reusable diapers have  the look and convenience of a disposable diaper without exposing your baby to harsh chemicals that cause rashes and allergies. Since Little Pipu diapers are adjustable and meant to grow with your baby well into his or her toddler years, that’s a ton of savings for you and a lot less disposable diapers in our landfills. Your baby, your pocket and our earth will love you for it!
How much savings will you get by using Little Pipu Reusable Diapers:
 If your baby uses around 8 disposable diapers each day and the cheapest diaper is around Php5, you will spend,  P14,600 in a year. With Little Pipu diaper, if you have  20 pairs plus 40 inserts, you will spend just P9,500, plus the cost of water and detergent, which is not much.
Since these diapers grow with your child and be used until he or she is 3, you will not have any recurring cost each year! Plus, you can let your next baby use them, giving you even more savings!
 8 diapers x Php 5  x 365 days in a year = P14,600 /yearly
Php 5,980 (20 diapers x Php299)   +  Php 1.300 (20 inserts x P65) = P7,280  for 3 years 
On the first year alone, you save more than P7000. For the next years, you save P14,000 or more!


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