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Dr. Mercola Organic Eye and Lines Treatment (0.85 fl oz)


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Wrinkles, dark circles, and lines — those tell-tale signs of aging — first appear around your eyes and lips. They’re also the areas most prone to the drying effects of weather and sun exposure. Free radical damage from smoking, stress, environmental pollution, excessive exercise, and poor diet wreak havoc on fragile skin tissue. And aging only makes it worse.

With each increasing year, your skin undergoes changes in structure and function, making it more difficult to maintain a youthful appearance.

After many months of testing and formulating, I’m pleased to bring you a treatment made from pure, USDA organic ingredients that delivers exceptional results.

My new organic formula firms and plumps delicate tissues around your eyes and lips, minimizing wrinkles and the fine lines of aging, while reducing sags, puffiness and dark circles.

Eye and Line Treatment provides deeply penetrating moisturizers and powerful antioxidants to tone and strengthen tissues and fight free radical damage.

Designed specifically for delicate tissues around your eyes and lips (and any other problem areas needing extra attention), Eye and Line Treatment provides the daily nourishment needed to help minimize the signs of aging.

Luxuriously rich and non-greasy, Eye and Line Treatmentpampers those delicate areas of your face, while avoiding irritating eyes.

You’ll feel and see the difference. You’ll discover improved elasticity, tone, and firmness as wrinkles, lines, bags, and unsightly ‘crow’s feet’ fade away.

Made in the USA

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