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How The Combined Power of 2 Anti-Aging Discoveries Can Activate Your Body’s Own “Fountain of Youth” in as Little as 2 Hours!


Anti-Aging Discovery No. 1:
Increasing the Number of
Adult Stem Cells in the Body


How The Combined Power of 2 Anti-Aging Discoveries Can Activate Your Body’s Own “Fountain of Youth” in as Little as 2 Hours!


Anti-Aging Discovery No. 1:
Increasing the Number of
Adult Stem Cells in the Body

stem cells

An adult stem cell is a specific type of cell in your body that has the ability to renew itself. In the year 2000, adult stem cells were discovered to have the phenomenal ability to become virtually every type of cell in the body – such as heart cells… liver cells… skin cells… pancreatic cells… joint cells… muscle cells… brain cells… even eyeball cells. [Note: Adult stem cells are not to be confused with embryonic stem cells, which are controversial.]

For example, if you put a stem cell in the brain, it becomes a brain cell. If you put it in the liver, it becomes a liver cell.  If you put it in the pancreas, it becomes a pancreatic cell. This is why scientists have been able to grow human organs such as livers, kidneys and ears in labs using stem cells.

Surgeons can use a patient’s own stem cells to repair cartilage in the knee. Burn victims are treated with skin grown from stem cells in the lab.  Scientists have also been able to do instant facelifts without surgery… grow hair after baldness… and even cause missing teeth to grow back.

This is one reason adult stem cells have been hailed as one of the most exciting breakthroughs in the anti-aging industry.

Why Adult Stem Cells are the Body’s
Self-Renewing Mechanism
(Unlocking the Secret Equation of Eternal Youth!)

stem cells

Adult stem cells can become any type of cell in the body – and have the capability to regenerate tissues and organs. Thus, they can repair anything that’s broken and make the body new again.

For example:  When cardiac tissue and blood vessels are injured due to lack of oxygen, stem cells migrate from the bone marrow to the site of the injuryand cause the growth of new blood vessels to help repair the damage.

Likewise, when collagen breaks down in the skin (causing wrinkles), stem cells are summoned to regenerate the skin.  When the brain, the heart, the lungs, the liver, or any of the other organs are attacked by disease, stem cells (if they’re in ample supply) come to the rescue and restore them to brand new.

This repair and renewal process is carried out all over the body.  When any part of the body is under stress, is injured, or is in need of repair, it “recruits” new stem cells which reside in the bone marrow.  Once released from the bone marrow, these cells enter the blood circulation, lodging in the tissues and organs where they are needed to replenish the local immune system.

Stem cells are the tool repair kits of the human body.  They initiate truecellular healing of aging tissues and organs as well as reinvigorate tissues damaged by disease, toxins or trauma.  They are the human body’s built-in mechanism for renewing itself and staying young and healthy forever.

age regression simulation - woman

However, the body can renew itself in this manner only WHEN it has a sufficient number of adult stem cells.  If you have the optimum number of stem cells in your body, your body will renew itself everyday, will repair whatever needs repairing (or healing)… and as a result, it would be almost impossible to grow old or get a chronic disease.

ReJuvenation™ has a revolutionary marine extract that has been scientifically proven in clinical studies to increase the release of adult stem cells into the bloodstream… and more importantly, mobilize those stem cells so that they can migrate to the parts of the body that need repair and renewal.

Aging Mice “Become Younger”
and Live 3 Times Longer with Stem Cells!

In a University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine study, scientists found that mice injected with stem cells appeared to have “sipped from the fountain of youth.” The results of this study were published in National Geographic.

The mice used in the experiment were bred to exhibit signs of a premature aging disorder that caused them to age rapidly. When they were injected with stem cells from young mice, instead of dying prematurely as untreated mice did, mice that received the stem cells showed improved health and saw “a three-fold increase in their life span,” according to study co-author Johnny Huard, a stem-cell expert at the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Pittsburgh.

In addition, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientists are testing the ability of adult stem cells to support normal structure and function when faced with certain diseases (like cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, etc.) and help rebuild what these diseases have damaged in the body.

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The miracle uses of stem cells in your body

It’s no wonder why stem cell therapy has become the rage among those seeking to recapture their youth. People have been willing to pay between$10,500 to $20,000 for a stem cell treatment that gives an instant “facelift” effect. Others have turned to equally expensive (and risky) stem cell transplantation.

Some have resorted to using stem cell nutritional supplements – not knowing that many of them have toxic ingredients and contaminants.  More importantly, most of the stem cell supplements do not have the ability to mobilize stem cells and distribute them to parts of the body that need them.

The secret behind the stem-cell-enhancing
power of ReJuvenation™

Unlike other anti-aging therapies, ReJuvenation™ does not introduce stem cells into your body from outside sources… nor does it transplant them from another part of your body. Instead it regulates the release of stem cells that are already in abundant supply in your bone marrow to be released into the bloodstream.

Undaria Pinnatifida Teara

ReJuvenation™ contains a powerful marine extract from an extraordinary species of seaweed (not to be confused with the common seaweed Laminaria Japonica). This marine extract has been scientifically shown in clinical studies to increase the release of adult stem cells into the bloodstream… andmobilize those stem cells so that they can migrate to the parts of the body that need repair and renewal.

This unique marine extract has also been shown to support detoxification of the body from chemical build-up… and also burn body fat.

Goji Berries

ReJuvenation™ also contains 2 of the best stem-cell-enhancing super nutrients from goji berries and reishi mushrooms. A study in China shows that polysaccharides from goji berry (Lycium Barbarum) increase the number of stem cells in the body and cause the blood of older people torevert to a markedly younger state.

Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma Lucidum), which are particularly revered by the followers of the Taoist tradition as the “Elixir of Immortality” has not only been shown to increase stem cell production in the body, but has been used for centuries to support radiant health and longevity.

Hence, ReJuvenation™ delivers the youth restorative power of adult stem cells – without the risk and expense of stem cell transplantation and injections.


Anti-Aging Discovery No. 2:
Human Growth Hormones (HGH)

What exactly are human growth hormones – and why do so many anti-aging experts call it the “youth” hormone?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone that has powered your growth from the moment you were born. It’s a potent compound produced in the  pituitary gland at the base of your brain. When we’re young, our body manufactures HGH in abundance.

The HGH is released into the bloodstream and travels throughout the body. Along the way, it speeds up the body’s metabolism and causes fat cells to shrink. As HGH enters your muscle cells, it stimulates lean muscle growth. This is why young people tend to accumulate less fat than older people – and tend to look more toned, even if they haven’t been working out.

When HGH reaches the skin, it increases collagen production, maintains healthy blood flow, and strengthens the underlying substructure of the skin… thereby keeping the skin supple, resilient, smooth and taut. HGH has been shown to erase wrinkles… tighten saggy skin… reduce body fat… increase lean muscle mass… boost energy… elevate mood… and evenheighten sex drive.

This is why some doctors regard HGH as the body’s own internal “fountain of youth.”

As you get older, HGH production in the body decreases by 85% by the time you reach middle age. This HGH depletion is one of the major factors of aging. That’s why HGH injections (which cost $1,500 per injection) have become the latest anti-aging trend. But only wealthy people can afford it.

It’s a well known fact that the more HGH our bodies produce, the younger we look and feel. Increased levels of HGH contribute to rejuvenation and anti-aging. You can look and feel about 20 years younger.

It’s scientifically proven that when you take a specialized amino-acid blend, you increase your body’s production of HGH by an astounding 682%!

An internet search will show at least one scientific study that validates these findings. One randomized cross-over, placebo controlled, double-blind study testing this specialized amino-acid blend on subjects 18 to 70 years of age, showed that the orally administered amino-acid blend significantly increased bioactive, serum (blood) HGH levels.

Increased HGH levels were observed within 120 minutes (2 hours) in subjects who received a single low-dose of this specialized amino-acid blend!

That’s why the scientists at Quantum Wellness Botanical Institute included a similar amino-acid blend in the ReJuvenation™ formulation. That means you can enjoy the HGH levels you had when you were much younger! Plus, this amino-acid blend also reduces body fat and increases muscle!

Why ReJuvenation™ is superior to HGH pills and HGH injections: The specialized amino-acid blend in ReJuvenation™ is not human growth hormone in pill form. It’s a unique formulation that encourages the pituitary gland to produce HGH at more youthful levels.  This is better than HGH injections or HGH pills because rather than making your body dependent on an outside source of HGH, ReJuvenation™ provides a more natural way of nourishing serum (blood) HGH levels in the body – without resorting to expensive injections of synthetic HGH.

The goji berry extract in ReJuvenation™ pulls “double duty” in the restoration of youth.  It has not only been shown to increase the number of stem cells in the body, but its unique LBP polysaccharide complex has also been found to be a powerful secretagogue – that is, a substance that stimulates the secretion of rejuvenative human growth hormone by the pituitary gland).

In fact, goji berries are the only food known to help stimulate the human body to produce more human growth hormone (HGH) naturally. “This factor alone makes the goji berry perhaps the world’s greatest anti-aging superfood.”[Source: David Wolfe – Superfoods, page 21]


Choosing ReJuvenation™ Instead of Stem Cell or HGH Injections: It’s a No Brainer!

No doubt about it. Stem cell therapy and HGH supplementation are going to be the cornerstones of anti-aging in the foreseeable future. And rightfully so. These twin discoveries have each proven themselves to be scientifically sound support for normal aging – when done right.

jumping for joy

You may have considered getting stem cell therapy for an “instant facelift” without surgery. However, you probably found out that it costs between $10,500 to $20,000 – which makes it more expensive than a traditional facelift. And that’s just for theface. Stem cell therapy for the entire bodycosts even more.

Or you might have considered getting stem cell transplants, which involves transplanting stem cells from one part of your body to another. But the cost of this is also prohibitive, and carries a lot of risk.

Should you consider HGH injections instead? They are also expensive. Yet, so many people are flocking to doctors, Internet pharmacies and anti-aging clinics asking for injectable HGH at the hefty price tag of $1,500 per injection! What they don’t know is this: Because those injections contain synthetic HGH, prolonged use may come with adverse effects, such as the growth of cancer tumors… an increased risk of diabetes… elevation of cholesterol levels… liver damage… heart enlargement… hardening of arteries… edema… and many other risks.

When you consider the exorbitant cost of stem cell and HGH therapy, doesn’t it make more sense to turn to the only product on the market that combines both of these 2 anti-aging discoveries into one – but doesn’t cost a fortune?

At the price of $49.95 ($20.00 off the regular price) for a one-month supply ofReJuvenation™, that’s only a small fraction (less than one-half of 1%) of the cost of a single HGH injection – and a ridiculously tiny percentage of the cost of stem cell therapy.

For just a couple of dollars a day, you could naturally increase your body’s production of HGH to the levels you had when you were 20 years younger – and achieve “healthy aging” results without expensive injections – and without adverse side effects.

Would it be worth a couple of dollars a day to press that Reset button on your body’s self-renewing mechanism… halt or reverse the appearance of aging in your body… live a long and healthy life… and possibly stay “forever young” and never grow old?

The choice is yours to make.


For your sake, we trust you’ll giveReJuvenation: Growing Younger While You Sleep™ a try, risk-free and see how fast you can get biologically younger… while you sleep. This revolutionary formula has a PATENT PENDING with the U.S Patent Office – and you can be among the first to experience its amazing benefits firsthand!

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