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Sierra Madre Hardwood Pisukan Wild Honey 250ml


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Pisukan giant wild bees’ SIERRA MADRE HARDWOOD PISUKAN FLOWER WILD HONEY – This flower Honey has a hint of a wonderful uniquely sweet flowery taste. Its one-month-in-a-year flowering season has a very limited supply. These wild Honey comes from the rainforest’s hardwood tree species (narra, kamagong, ipil, mala-bayabas, mahogany, molave, mulawin, hard pine, tanguile, dungon, dao, tindalo, guijo, langka, saplungan, yakal). The tree canopy multi-floral nectar sources bloom only during Northern Sierra Madre’s Habagat Winds’ last summer month of October just before Amihan winds (rainy season) come in. Pisukan giant wild bees are three (3) times longer in size than that of a giant

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