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BIBLIORGANICS All-Natural Store Is Now Open!

Advertisement   Our humble store Located right beside Human Nature’s Flagship Store along Commonwealth Ave. in Quezon City, Bibliorganics aims to be your library of  essential organic and natural products.  We offer premium dairy, health foods,’health supplements and home and baby care products.  These are all products we believe in and personally use.     The ample parking space across Human Nature’s Flagship Store 
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Why Switch To Washable Feminine Pads

Advertisement Like most women, I suffer from napkin rash every time I get my period. It must be the plastic or the chemicals in those disposable pads. I read about the dangers of chemicals like dioxins, methyldibromo glutaronitril and furans which are present in most napkins, but what is a woman to do when there is no alternative? Or is there? When Mishca was
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