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Why Switch To Washable Feminine Pads


Like most women, I suffer from napkin rash every time I get my period. It must be the plastic or the chemicals in those disposable pads. I read about the dangers of chemicals like dioxins, methyldibromo glutaronitril and furans which are present in most napkins, but what is a woman to do when there is no alternative? Or is there?

When Mishca was 6 months old, I bought her some washable cloth diapers. Unlike the age-old lampin, these cloth diapers look and act like the disposable kind.They are comfortable, leak-proof and easy to wash. These washable cloth diapers help me transition to washable napkins.

I researched about them online. Women who use them swear they have lesser incidences of cramps and rashes. Most washable feminine pads are imported. Some are made from unbleached organic cotton and some from bamboo fibers. I bought a brand made of activated bamboo cloth or bamboo charcoal because they don’t stain, are odor-proof and have anti-bacterial properties.

I was hooked! For the first time in my life, I didn’t suffer from rash. No itching, no icky, sweaty feeling, and amazingly, no leaks! I actually started looking forward to my period just so I can use my new pads. Washing is also not as inconvenient as I thought! I just put a used napkin under running water, squeeze out the liquid and sprinkle a little detergent on the pad, wash for 2 minutes and then hang to dry. Sometimes, when I am on the go, I just button the pad discreetly and keep it inside an airtight pouch and wash it the next day. No smell, I assure you.

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AN INTIMATE SURVEY: 99% of the women we talked to admitted they get rashes during their period.

It is not easy to look for and buy these reusable feminine pads. Most of those available online are expensive or made of materials that stain and need to be bleached. And so, I decided to design my own through our company Bibliorganics. Branded as WINK Organic Feminine Pads, these napkins are generously sized (11.5 INCHES LONG and 3.5 INCHES WIDE) , uber comfortable to use and a cinch to launder. They look like colorful disposable napkins with wings that are fastened to the underwear with a single white button. The activated bamboo cloth makes it ultra-absorbent, stain-free, odor and leak-proof. The technology is akin to the charcoal filters used in air and water purifiers. They come in 10 different colors to suit every mood and are packaged in resealable pouches that you use for travel.Best of all, WINK is sold at just P299 a piece, which is a steal since you can use it for 3 to 5 years. We also have WINK Organic Pantyliner for everyday wetness. Sold at P199 a pair, these are smaller and slimmer and just perfect in catching those little accidents.

I had a friend try it and she told me she used it for 24 hours. No leak, no smell,no uncomfortable feeling. She actually thought that her period became scant,but when she washed the napkin, she was surprised to see that it was full and yet did not feel wet.

I wish every woman can try it. It seems like such a throwback to the age of the pasador(If you don’t know what a pasador is, kindly ask your mom or grandma.) , but if it makes us healthier and less irritable during our periods, why not, right? As an additional incentive, we also reduce the amount of waste in our landfills.


You can order WINK ORGANIC FEMININE PADS at https://bibliorganics.com/store/#!/~/product/category=9576152&id=36808772



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