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What’s So Special About HOLLY’S MILK

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Holly’s Milk is produced and delivered fresh every week  from the 27-hectare farm of Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr. in Masaya Bay, Laguna. Situated at the foothills of Mt. Makiling,  the Real Fresh Dairy Farm was established by Senator Magsaysay and his partners so that they can  be a blessing to the cattle growers and farmers of Laguna and the nearby provinces.



The farm began in July 2007 with the purchase  of 100 pregnant dairy heifers imported from New Zealand. These  cows are well-cared for by the best veterinarians  from nearby UP Los Banos and are not given any antibiotics or growth hormones.  The milk is pasteurized and not UHT processed (ultra heat temperature processed) so that it doesn’t lose a lot of  the essential vitamins and nutrients.


The goal of Holly’s according to its President Paco Magsaysay  is “to provide locally produced fresh milk that will make every Filipino SMARTER, SHARPER AND STRONGER. A milk product that is prepared the traditional way with all the natural nutrients intact, like what our old folks used to drink and enjoy. . .unadulterated, with no preservatives and harmful chemicals added. A milk product we can truly say is PROUDLY PHILIPPINE-MADE!.”

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  • edgardo c gonzaga

    where can I buy hollys milk in our area, Cainta and angono rizal? Please advise.

  • Jen

    Hi! I was a regular patron of your products until I moved to an area not covered by your delivery service. I have been promoting your products to family & friends. However, the thought of contributing to higher demand for plastic packaging bothers me immensely. I requested one of your staff some months ago to relay my message about packaging to his superiors. I really hope the management could consider using glass bottles as packaging for milk & yoghurt. There is already a lot of scientific research done globally which proves that plastic is harmful to one’s health. I’m certain the great minds who run your organisation can easily come up with a recycling system for such bottles.
    As for the kesong puti, to lessen plastic consumption, they can be wrapped in natural materials just like the good old days (banana leaves, thin wooden sheets & twisted paper cords).
    Thank you for providing us good products. Kudos to your team!

    • admin

      Hello, Ms. Jen!

      Thank you for your support and for voicing your concern. Bibliorganics is just one of the distributors of Holly’s Milk in the QC area. We have, however, forwarded your concern to Holly’s Milk, which is produced by The Laguna Creamery. Like you, we are also concerned about the harmful effects of plastic containers. We were told by the management of Holly’s Milk that glass bottles are too expensive for now. However, we will note your request for the other products that we manufacture. We have recently come up with our own brand of Virgin Coconut Oil in 500 ML and soon in 700 ML glass bottles. We are also glad to tell you that we have already convinced Bios Dynamis to change the packaging of their plastic bottles to glass! The new batch of Bios Dynamis raw honey will be glass bottles and will be delivered to us in a few weeks. Hurray for that! We are very happy and appreciative of your support. God bless you!

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