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Anti-Radiation Cellphone Pouch





A practical EMF radiation shielding case for your smartphone, RADaway has two compartments, the main compartment covers the whole tablet and blocks all signals. The outer pouch receives signals but lessens radiation that goes to your body.  Put the smartphone inside and it blocks all phone, wifi, and GPS signals.  Mount it at the back and it shields your lap and body from radiation.

  • Suitable for tablets w/ screens under 10 inches
  • Inner pouch blocks EMF radiation, phone signals, GPS, 3G and 4G signals
  • Outer pouch protects the body from EMF radiation
  • Available colors:  white, black, and red

Research shows that radiation can cause cancer, so protect yourself and your family.  Blocking out radiation further protecting you against many detrimental health effects associated with electronic devices such as iPads, Android/Windows PC Tablets, Mobile phones and many other devices.

Make your son or daughter the envy of the school, not to mention protected or protect your pregnant wife and family’s health against the negative effects of radiation. In addition, this protective case doubles as an anti-radiation wallet for you to safely store your credit cards, iPhone/ other smartphones or other electronics, either together with or separately from your tablet device! It is largely known that hacking into personal devices is on the rise. So, whether you are at the mall, pool or school, the only way you can be completely certain of  personal information safety on your device, is for you to use this 3G, GPS, GPRS signal blocker!

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 1 × 20 cm

Black, Red, White, Pink, Green, Brown, Crocodile Pink, Crocodile Black

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