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Proteq Toothpaste 12+2 Promo (50% Discount)





BUY twelve (12) Proteq Toothpastes and get a 50% discount, plus two (2) FREE!

*Completely Safe: No parabens. No fluoride. No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate. No PEGs. No triclosan. No *propylene glycol. No phthalates. No artificial sweeteners, surfactants & coloring.
*Deeply cleans and whitens teeth naturally
*Helps remove tooth sensitivity
*Aids in tooth remineralization
*Good oral hygiene is as important as a healthy diet. But did you know that most toothpaste mouthwash brands contain potentially harmful chemicals that when used long-term can have adverse effects on your health?

Harmful Ingredients of Commercial Toothpastes:
Triclosan is carcinogenic and a known endocrine disruptor. In 2014, a toothpaste leader figured in the news because even if it was removed in all of its other products in 2011, it remained have triclosan and have not removed it even after the controversy.
Flouride is not a nutrient. According to the Flouride Action Network, many dental products contain dangerously high levels of fluoride. Flouride is a major ingredient in rat killer. It causes flourosis and decreased IQ in kids. 97% of western Europe rejected water flouridation.
SLES is an irritant. Sometimes SLES becomes contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals ethylene oxide and, most prominently, 1,4-dioxane during
SACCHARINE, an artificial sweeter, is also carcinogenic.

Now you have a safe, natural and effective alternative with Proteq. It is gentle and non-abrasive on your teeth and gums but tough on oral bacteria. We’ve taken out the bad and put in nature’s best defense against cavities, tooth sensitivity, bad breath and gum disease. As a bonus, it naturally whitens teeth, too.

ALOE VERA has been proven to eliminate disease-causing bacteria in the mouth. The US Academy of General Dentistry has found that it is as effective or even more effective than commercial toothpaste in preventing cavities. It also contains compounds that heal and arrest pain and is therefore recommended for people with sensitive teeth and gums.
XYLITOL is a naturally occurring sweetener found in fruits & vegetables that has been found to prevent tooth decay and bad breath. Despite its sweet taste, xylitol cleans and prevents plaque from forming. It is also known to remineralize teeth by repairing the deep layers of the enamel.
TEA TREE OIL has chemicals called terpenoids that have antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. It kills fungi and bacteria that feed on food particles left in the mouth. The antiseptic property makes it effective in preventing bad breath.
BAKING SODA, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is a gentle tooth scrub. It is effective in removing surface stains and make teeth appear whiter.
CALCIUM LACTATE has been proven to prevent tooth decay by stopping enamel erosion and tartar build up. Research has shown that combined with Xylitol, it has the unique capacity of remineralizing damaged tooth enamel thereby healing and strengthening teeth.

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