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Wink Organic Feminine Pads Pack of 2



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  • Organic bamboo with activated carbon makes it odor-free, stain-resistant & bacteria repelant
  • Generous sizing: 12 inches x 7 inches
  • Snap-on button keeps pad in place
  • Slim fit makes it comfy to wear & quick to wash
  • Fold & snap button keeps it convenient & discreet for travel

Do you know that disposable sanitary napkins contain dioxins, furan and a host of synthetic additives? Why expose the most intimate part of you to these harmful chemicals?

WINK ORGANIC FEMININE PAD gives you the coverage, protection and convenience of the most premium disposable napkin. It’s made from organic bamboo, that’s soft,highly absorbent and naturally resistant to odors and bacteria. Our pads are generously sized & can take you through the day, even on heavy days. Easy to wash and quick to dry, WINK is a cinch to launder as it’s made of light materials and is stain-resistant. Experience a gentler, eco-friendly and economical period with WINK!

Wash WINK organic pads prior to use. Snap pad around the center of your underwear with the gray bamboo cloth side facing up.

Change pads as needed. After use, gather the four sides of the pad unto the center and fasten the button. Put used pad in this plastic pouch and seal until you are ready to wash it.

WASH INSTRUCTIONS.Hand wash with a mild soap or detergent. Put under running water to remove liquid and scrub with soap. It only takes 2-5 minutes to clean each pad.No fabric softener. No bleaching. Hang dry under the sun to disinfect.

RECOMMENDED NUMBER OF PADS. For one cycle, you need about 12-15 pads depending on how heavy your flow is and how long your period normally lasts.

FREE STAND-UP POUCH FOR EVERY 2 PCS. PURCHASED.This package can be used as a travel pouch for your WINK PADS. Just fold used WINK PADS and snap on button, then put in this resealable pouch.

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Dimensions 11 × 3 × 19 cm

Blue-Jeans, White, Violet, Black, Pink

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