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Why Switch To Washable Feminine Pads

Like most women, I suffer from napkin rash every time I get my period. It must be the plastic or the chemicals in those disposable pads. I read about the dangers of chemicals like dioxins, methyldibromo glutaronitril and furans which are present in most napkins, but what is a woman to do when there is no alternative? Or is there? When Mishca was 6
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How HOLLY’S MILK is Made

How do you get fresh milk from Holstein-Sahiwal cows? How do you know you are drinking premium, all-natural farm fresh milk?  Watch this video. . .   Some more interesting facts: *The more grass a cow eats, the creamier the milk! So it is best for cows to graze. * The milk processing facility is state-of-the-art and comes from Israel. *The cows also produce
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What’s So Special About HOLLY’S MILK

Holly’s Milk is produced and delivered fresh every week  from the 27-hectare farm of Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr. in Masaya Bay, Laguna. Situated at the foothills of Mt. Makiling,  the Real Fresh Dairy Farm was established by Senator Magsaysay and his partners so that they can  be a blessing to the cattle growers and farmers of Laguna and the nearby provinces.   The farm
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Little Pipu: Disposable Diaper Dangers

Disposable Diapers first appeared in the 1960s when Pampers introduced them to the US market. Since that time, disposables have slowly eased out the good ol’ cloth diaper which can be, truth be told, too inconvenient to use.   However, disposables also  pose some real health issues. Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.Net & Serge Bertasius Photography According to  Dr. Noreen Kaseem, disposable diapers “often contain chemicals, such
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Little Pipu: How Much You Will Save on REUSABLE DIAPERS

  TRIVIA: Did you know that it takes 250 to 500 years for a disposable diaper to break down in a landfill? Cloth Diapering is now easy and convenient with Little Pipu Reusable Diapers.  Our  reusable diapers have  the look and convenience of a disposable diaper without exposing your baby to harsh chemicals that cause rashes and allergies. Since Little Pipu diapers are adjustable and
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